Oh my god, Facebook killed Spankey!

I was informed today that Facebook had closed the account of Spankey The Monkey. Quick summary, Spankey is a stuffed monkey who has travelled the world and keeps kept a travel-blog of all the places he visited. He had managed to build up quite a collection of pictures from around the world, where travelled with his mates.
A few days ago Facebook closed the account without warning, removing all pictures painstakingly uploaded. Spankey has had a long email-dialogue with a guy called Iwan (the gruesome) from User Operations, and basically Facebook keeps hiding behind the user agreement, which does NOT state that a stuffed monkey can’t have his own page. Nor did they give any fair warning.

Now, after considering the lillies for a while, you might think “meh, what’s the problem? It was a silly thing, someone else surely helped Spankey manage his account and thus Spankey is not *real*! “. Well, then shame on you! Facebook closed the account because it’s not a REAL account. Following that logic, Obama and Mccain should have their accounts closed as well, as I seriously doubt they log on in the wee hours of the night to update their status and write funny comments. The same goes for a lot of famous celebrities who use Facebook as a PR-platform. Facebook USED to be for the people, for both the little people and the greats but now it seems Facebook has outgrown the little people (and monkeys) and cater solemnly to advertisers and presidental candidates. Mucho annoying! To really top it off, Facebook denied Spankey access to the massive amount of travel-pictures and comments so that he could move it to another, more monkey-friendly site. My two cents is that some nitwits complained about his name and found it “disturbing”. America rocks….no, seriously….

Bring back Spankey, you two-faced hypocrites!

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