The future is now

Amen to previous post. The new Nokia N82 is just a bundle of fun, and it sports a shiny cool look as befits a technopacked gadget of this quality. It seems this phone has everything; 5 megapixels camera with real xenon flash (and actually working whitebalance), GPS, wifi, bluetooth, n-Gage (still waiting for that to be released), awesome integration with the inter-tubes (ref the direct-to-flicker function in post below, my fingers btw), lots of sound and video-capabilities and even a nifty barcode scanner for decoding…something. And guess what, it even has a working phone. The future is now, it’s here, and it’s name is N82.

So, happy new year everyone! I am not dead even though my absence from the blog might indicate otherwise. I’m at work at the moment, so I’ll keep it short, but I am back Baby! Oh yeah… 08 is the year I make blog benefits, yes.

Oh, and HUGE grats to Ugress for the soon-to-be-released new album, Unicorn. Check out for more info and specific releasedates. And don’t forget to check out his excellent A-class funfeist blog.

‘08 have-to-have: Wii and Guitar Hero III. It’ll rock your world.

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