Fred the ex-monsterpig

A few days ago, we could read about how Jamison Stone, an eleven year old boy, courageously hunted down a HUGE wild boar of 1000 pounds with a .50 caliber revolver, shooting it several times and then finishing him off at point blank. All in all a very intense and exciting hunting story. Well, it would have been if it wasn’t for the fact that the previous owners of the huge, and very tame, pet-pig Fred recognized it. It was sold only 4 days before the “hunt”, under the understanding that it would be used for breeding. There’s lots of information and quotes from the previous owners here. Now, the fact that Nick Stone, the father of the courageous boy, paints a completely different picture here doesn’t seem to bother anyone, but who cares, truth is relative.

Now, I’m usually not a judgmental person, but I am pretty convinced that the only place this could happen is USA. You have a guy buying a huge (and supposedly quite tame) boar, pissing it off in some way (I have my very own theories there, about how he was probably shot a few times while in the pen, before he was let loose and the “hunt” began, but then again, what do I know), and an eleven, that’s *11*, years old boy wielding a .50 caliber gun hunts it down. Now, am I the only one who could make the guess that doing something like that would make my son insanely famous, get his name spread on the internet and make me father of the year, specially among my gun-toting NRA-friends?

Now, I’m certain his father only has good things to say about his son, about how secure he is with weapons blablabla, but an 11 year old boy with not only access to a .50 caliber revolver, but who is also capable of handling a gun which can topple any grown man, strikes me as a potential hazard…

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going out to buy a kitten to hunt it down for my own pleasure. I plan 5-6 good cuddles before I finish it off with a point blank kiss on the head, the way you *should* treat a domesticated animal…but what do I know…

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