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We recently set up a bird feeder outside our office window, and have repeatedly tried to take a picture of the little rascals as they munch away our hard earned money their lovely seeds, but without any success. The birds have no problem with the two of us sitting by our computers, but if we set up a camera at the back of the room and sit there, waiting, they won’t even show up. This particularly insignificant challenge triggered me to finally modify our TC-80N3 remote control/timer to allow for further reach, so we don’t have to sit by the camera, scaring off the birdies. Canon fit the remote with the new N3-plug, from the 20D, 300D and so on, replacing the old regular jack, giving Canon the chance to make more money by significantly overpricing extenders. Hah! Little do they know…

Modified TC-80N3

The cable for the remote only has outer shielding and 2 “leads”, 1 for focus and 1 for release, making this an ideal candidate for retro-fitting it with regular 3,5mm jacks (headphone plugs). 20 minutes of tinkering, and I can now extend the reach of the remote as far as I want by chaining regular headphone-extenders. I can of course now also interface the camera input more easily with whatever I can come up with as a shutter-release, such as sensors for movement, light, sound etc. More to come! If nothing else, at least we should get a few closeups of birds… :-)

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