This are the things I really really really really want:


  • A cheap, decent, functional lab powersupply, like the PS3005 from Elfa
  • A set of really good fine-tipped tweezers something like this.
  • Soldering tin. This stuff is expensive in big rolls. 0.8 mm is good for general use, 0.5 mm or thinner is really good to have for finer work. 82-905-00 (.2mm), 82-905-10 (.5mm) and 82-905-30 (.8mm) at Elfa

Books and comics

Other things

More boring, yet wanted stuff

  • Rosendahl Grand Cru dinnerplates, 27 cm
  • Rosendahl Grand Cru deep plates, 19 cm
  • Rosendahl Grand Cru mugs, 34 cl
  • Rosendahl Grand Cru assorted wine-glasses, flutes, tumblers and 50cl beer-glasses.

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  1. jeg fikk også transformers!!!!

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