There but for the grace of God II: TNG

Whenever something happens to someone you love, it makes you think. It makes you consider life. It makes you seriously consider the phrase “that’ll never happen to me”. My dad is in the process of building/rebuilding his house, and the seemingly everlasting project is coming to an end. He’s done an amazing job and the house is almost finished. Yesterday he was finishing the stairwell so they could come and put in the staircase today. But lo and behold, the ladder slipped and he fell down 2.5 meters, landing on the ladder, on his back. He was rushed to the ER in an ambulance but despite laws of nature, he seems to have come from it unscathed, except for a scratch on a finger. Oh, yes, and a very bruised and beat up back, yet no neck-injury, no fractures, no slipped disks or whatever else you expect to happen when you fall like that. Thank the forces of good (and evil) that it (so far) went well.

It made me think though, of how many times I’ve done subconcious risk-calculations and not really considered the consequences of cutting corners, not moving it slightly that way, not loading up a little less, not going twice but save time and go once, etc because nothing bad ever happens to me…

They say safety starts at home…it can abruptly end there too. You should keep that in mind next time you skip checking if the fuse is off…

I did…

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