Chris Cornell – Scream

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*Shakes head* seriously…

If you want to heal your ears after listening (to as much as you can stomach) to his latest CD, do check out Carry On from 2007, a brilliant record. My favorite song by far, and one of my lifetime favorites is Chris’ interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Chris has taken a rather silly song noone could understand and turned it into a heartfelt, sad, empatic masterpiece about a desperate woman. Quite a feat.

So why let Timbaland buttrape your musical career, Chris…seriously…hang your head in shame!

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Oh my god, Facebook killed Spankey!

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I was informed today that Facebook had closed the account of Spankey The Monkey. Quick summary, Spankey is a stuffed monkey who has travelled the world and keeps kept a travel-blog of all the places he visited. He had managed to build up quite a collection of pictures from around the world, where travelled with his mates.
A few days ago Facebook closed the account without warning, removing all pictures painstakingly uploaded. Spankey has had a long email-dialogue with a guy called Iwan (the gruesome) from User Operations, and basically Facebook keeps hiding behind the user agreement, which does NOT state that a stuffed monkey can’t have his own page. Nor did they give any fair warning.

Now, after considering the lillies for a while, you might think “meh, what’s the problem? It was a silly thing, someone else surely helped Spankey manage his account and thus Spankey is not *real*! “. Well, then shame on you! Facebook closed the account because it’s not a REAL account. Following that logic, Obama and Mccain should have their accounts closed as well, as I seriously doubt they log on in the wee hours of the night to update their status and write funny comments. The same goes for a lot of famous celebrities who use Facebook as a PR-platform. Facebook USED to be for the people, for both the little people and the greats but now it seems Facebook has outgrown the little people (and monkeys) and cater solemnly to advertisers and presidental candidates. Mucho annoying! To really top it off, Facebook denied Spankey access to the massive amount of travel-pictures and comments so that he could move it to another, more monkey-friendly site. My two cents is that some nitwits complained about his name and found it “disturbing”. America rocks….no, seriously….

Bring back Spankey, you two-faced hypocrites!

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In December, Sillypig bought a Nokia N82 from Mobilland. Stupid Sillypig.

Do yourself a favour, stay away from Mobilland. My phone was broken when I got it, and they’ve tried to fix it twice now, both times with worse results. I got it back today, and this time the keyboard didn’t even work. Yay! Nice job, nincompoops. And they still refuse to give me a new one.
So, while Mobilland fuxors up my lovely Nokia N82, my old S.E. k750i works like charm’s somewhat retarded brother, phasing out on me every now and then.

Lessons learned:
1. Never ever buy anything from Mobilland
2. goto 1

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Sir Clarke has left the building

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Rest in peace, Arthur, and thank you for the enrichment your work has brought, and will continue to bring our lives.

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The future is now

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Amen to previous post. The new Nokia N82 is just a bundle of fun, and it sports a shiny cool look as befits a technopacked gadget of this quality. It seems this phone has everything; 5 megapixels camera with real xenon flash (and actually working whitebalance), GPS, wifi, bluetooth, n-Gage (still waiting for that to be released), awesome integration with the inter-tubes (ref the direct-to-flicker function in post below, my fingers btw), lots of sound and video-capabilities and even a nifty barcode scanner for decoding…something. And guess what, it even has a working phone. The future is now, it’s here, and it’s name is N82.

So, happy new year everyone! I am not dead even though my absence from the blog might indicate otherwise. I’m at work at the moment, so I’ll keep it short, but I am back Baby! Oh yeah… 08 is the year I make blog benefits, yes.

Oh, and HUGE grats to Ugress for the soon-to-be-released new album, Unicorn. Check out for more info and specific releasedates. And don’t forget to check out his excellent A-class funfeist blog.

‘08 have-to-have: Wii and Guitar Hero III. It’ll rock your world.

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Fred the ex-monsterpig

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A few days ago, we could read about how Jamison Stone, an eleven year old boy, courageously hunted down a HUGE wild boar of 1000 pounds with a .50 caliber revolver, shooting it several times and then finishing him off at point blank. All in all a very intense and exciting hunting story. Well, it would have been if it wasn’t for the fact that the previous owners of the huge, and very tame, pet-pig Fred recognized it. It was sold only 4 days before the “hunt”, under the understanding that it would be used for breeding. There’s lots of information and quotes from the previous owners here. Now, the fact that Nick Stone, the father of the courageous boy, paints a completely different picture here doesn’t seem to bother anyone, but who cares, truth is relative.

Now, I’m usually not a judgmental person, but I am pretty convinced that the only place this could happen is USA. You have a guy buying a huge (and supposedly quite tame) boar, pissing it off in some way (I have my very own theories there, about how he was probably shot a few times while in the pen, before he was let loose and the “hunt” began, but then again, what do I know), and an eleven, that’s *11*, years old boy wielding a .50 caliber gun hunts it down. Now, am I the only one who could make the guess that doing something like that would make my son insanely famous, get his name spread on the internet and make me father of the year, specially among my gun-toting NRA-friends?

Now, I’m certain his father only has good things to say about his son, about how secure he is with weapons blablabla, but an 11 year old boy with not only access to a .50 caliber revolver, but who is also capable of handling a gun which can topple any grown man, strikes me as a potential hazard…

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going out to buy a kitten to hunt it down for my own pleasure. I plan 5-6 good cuddles before I finish it off with a point blank kiss on the head, the way you *should* treat a domesticated animal…but what do I know…

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Remotely extended

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We recently set up a bird feeder outside our office window, and have repeatedly tried to take a picture of the little rascals as they munch away our hard earned money their lovely seeds, but without any success. The birds have no problem with the two of us sitting by our computers, but if we set up a camera at the back of the room and sit there, waiting, they won’t even show up. This particularly insignificant challenge triggered me to finally modify our TC-80N3 remote control/timer to allow for further reach, so we don’t have to sit by the camera, scaring off the birdies. Canon fit the remote with the new N3-plug, from the 20D, 300D and so on, replacing the old regular jack, giving Canon the chance to make more money by significantly overpricing extenders. Hah! Little do they know…

Modified TC-80N3

The cable for the remote only has outer shielding and 2 “leads”, 1 for focus and 1 for release, making this an ideal candidate for retro-fitting it with regular 3,5mm jacks (headphone plugs). 20 minutes of tinkering, and I can now extend the reach of the remote as far as I want by chaining regular headphone-extenders. I can of course now also interface the camera input more easily with whatever I can come up with as a shutter-release, such as sensors for movement, light, sound etc. More to come! If nothing else, at least we should get a few closeups of birds… :-)

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Epic Movie…

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Esi and I just finished watching Epic Movie, another film in the line of “I screamed when I thought of seeing your naked gun 6 and an inch” or whatever from the dynamic duo Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Now, this one is basically a take on Willy Wonka and Narnia, and it is…well…to be honest, I have come to a point where I can’t even come up with words describing the pure…vile…well, as I said, I have no words.
One thing bothers me though. Somewhere, somewhen, a board of directors at Regency got the idea, most likely after sharing a seriously fat doobie, that THIS scribbled, stained napkin script should be turned into a movie. Even worse, they found “actors” to play in it! Albeit, most of the actors are either b-actors or famous prostitutes. Okey, Jennifer Coolidge is hot in a lot of her movies, but even she was struggling knee-deep in this pile of manure.
Carmen Electra is…well…Carmen Electra, nuff said, but Fred Willard! Fred, dearest, have you gotten so desperate on your old days that you sold your last shred of dignity for this??
And what the heck was up with the naked chick coming out of the closet? Even the word “gratuitous” have lost it’s value these days…

Thankfully, the credits included some moderately funny outtakes, each and every one of them funnier than the entire film all together. And that’s two hours of my life I desperately want back! At least a few of the Scary Movie and Spy Hard attempts have been funny…Epic Movie isn’t. Not even close. Not even the clichès worked, and just when you expected a tiny giggle to escape your mouth, clenching your fists waiting for that one funny touch that you SO can see coming…they fail to deliver. The buildup of clichè-white-chick repeating everything clichè-black-chick said, ended up in nothing…almost as if they halfway through the film forgot about it…

I have so much more to say about this movie, but I won’t dignify it by uttering another word. As far as I’m concerned, Epic Movie never existed. Blaeh!

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Goodbye, old friend

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I will really miss you…

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All your Illustrator are belong to me

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I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator lately, and tried to finally learn it. Here is my first attempt at creating something:


Picture is inspired from this webpage.

If you are into Illustrator, check out Tutorial Outpost for some brilliant tutorials, particularly this one.

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